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Blog Title: What servicing tips should be followed in case of a ductwork?
What servicing tips should be followed in case of a ductwork?
Category: Wall Heaters Post By: JUSTIN K (Omaha, NE), 04/10/2016

"When an HVAC system is serviced one must remember to service the ductwork as well. However, to service ductwork, expert professionals must be called in so that they are able to find out whether the existing ductwork is in sync with the recommended health and safety settings. Let us now have a look at some of the tips that ought to be followed in order to keep the ductwork well-maintained. One must try to identify the leaks in the ductwork because leaky ductwork causes wastage of energy. So, if the leaks in a ductwork are detected early, one can prevent the energy loss. The areas that have to be checked for leaky ductwork are attic and crawlspaces. Secondly, the joints in the ductwork must be sealed properly. This is important because sealed ductwork also helps in energy saving. Lastly, insulating ductwork is also a recommended thing to do because when the ductwork is insulated it prevents the hot air and the cold air from going to the outside air. In fact, it is said that if the attic is insulated properly, one can do with a small HVAC system as well. It can be concluded saying that whenever one calls in HVAC experts for ductwork servicing someone who has adequate experience in the relevant field should be called in."

- NICHOLAS C (Oakland, CA), 05/10/2016
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