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Blog Title: Why should air ducts be cleaned?
Why should air ducts be cleaned?
Category: Window Cooling System Post By: WALTER D (Las Vegas, NV), 04/10/2016

"Air ducts are quite important for an HVAC system because they are the ones that carry hot or cold air into the rooms of the house. Thus, if the air ducts are dirty, it is quite obvious that polluted air might get inside the buildings. Hence, it is a better idea to keep the air ducts of an HVAC system clean. The HVAC experts are the best persons to judge whether the air ducts need cleaning or not.The most obvious reasons as to why air ducts need cleaning are the following:Clean air ducts mean good quality indoor air. And it is important to maintain indoor air quality because polluted air inside the buildings might aggravate certain health conditions like allergies or breathing problems.Secondly, cleaning of air ducts promotes energy savings. This becomes possible, in a clean HVAC system, the strain on the system is not that high and so much electricity is not used. Thus, you can expect a low use of energy when keeping the HVAC system clean. At the same time, cleaning of air ducts also helps in increasing the life span of an HVAC system because the wear and tear on the various components of the system are lesser and the result is a well-maintained HVAC system for quite some time."

- TERRY A (Miami, FL), 05/10/2016
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