A/C Noise Factors To Consider If Your System Is Old Or New

In addition to qualities like energy efficiency and price, A/C noise factors into the decisions homeowners must make about their air conditioning systems. While some air conditioners are too quiet to notice, others can be as loud as a lawnmower — which can be a big annoyance for both you and your neighbors, since the A/C can turn on at any hour of the day or night.

If you have a loud air conditioner, there are several different A/C noise factors that could be causing the problem:

  • The compressor is the most common source of A/C noise, and can also get the loudest. The compressor is part of the outdoor A/C unit, and is an essential part of how air conditioners work.
  • The outdoor or indoor fans can be A/C noise factors, though they are usually not very loud unless they have become worn or out of balance.
  • The air ducts can be a source of noise indoors if they are not well connected to the indoor A/C unit, or are poorly designed.

There are several possible solutions to the problem, depending on which A/C noise factors are causing it.

  • A sound blanket can be used to wrap the compressor, absorbing some of the noise it creates.
  • Fans often wear out and become noisy because the blades become covered in dirt. Cleaning them may reduce the noise, but the real way to handle this problem is to prevent it by having the system regularly maintained.
  • A fence with sound-proofing insulation can be built around the outdoor A/C unit.
  • The air ducts can be insulated to reduce noise, and properly installed to prevent vibrations.
  • Sometimes, the noise from your A/C is simply telling you that it needs to be replaced. When choosing a new system, pay close attention to the decibel (dB) ratings, which tell you how much noise the new A/C produces. Remember that the decibel system is logarithmic: If one A/C is rated 10 dB higher than another, that means it is 10 times as loud.

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