Air Conditioners And Indoor Air Quality

A time has come when climate change is one of the biggest changes that are happening throughout the world and with the growing change in climate the use of air conditioners will also increase. Even those places which otherwise would not have needed air conditioners will have to install air conditioning system due to the climate change. At the same time homes which already have air conditioners will see increased operation time. And this growing use of air conditioners will have both positive and negative impact on the health of people.

When the use of air conditioners increases it is natural that the time period for which doors and windows in a building remain closed will increase. As a result of this, the instance of outside ventilation within building is decreased. The windows being closed, the concentration of pollutants from outside reduces in the indoor air. At the same time, the concentration of pollutants released from inside will increase in the indoor air because these particles are not being able to go outside through way of ventilation. Thus, it can well be understood that air conditioners have an important role to play in maintaining the indoor air quality.

Thus, to keep the negative impacts of air conditioner use at bay, the air filters of an air conditioner takes in a major role. In fact, it is the air filters that make the use of air conditioners beneficial. But its needs to be ensured that air conditioners are producing pure air.

To make that possible, it is imperative that air filters of air conditioners undergo a regular maintenance. For example, there are some filters which need to be replaced once in a month whereas there are others which are washable. The filters which are washable should be washed at regular intervals following the manufacturers’ manual. Frequent cleaning of filters is necessary to prevent the building up of heavy dust on the filters. When AC filters are left unclean for a long time, it is natural for problems like asthma and allergies to aggravate. Cleaning of filters not only eliminates the presence of allergens in the air but also it successfully limits the amount of moisture present in the air. It is important to control moisture in the air because too much moisture promotes the growth of mold.

You must be wondering as in how air conditioners clean the air. There are many dust particles that are soluble in water and air conditioners remove water from the indoor air in the form of humidification and besides other dust particles get trapped in the air filter which in turn helps in maintaining a clean indoor air.

Nevertheless, it is true that air conditioners play an important role in the purification of indoor air, there are other things as well that needs to be kept in mind to maintain the indoor air quality. For example, too much chemicals in the form of house fresheners or other things need not be used. And in case of air conditioners besides cleaning the filters it is important that HVAC contractors are called in at times to carry out a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner.




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