An Air Conditioner’s EnergyGuide Label Can Help You Identify The Most Important Purchasing Factors

When your air conditioner breaks down and is beyond repair, you don’t want to wait long to purchase a new one, given the heat of San Antonio summers. Fortunately, you can find key facts about a new air conditioner on the appliance itself. All new air conditioners are required by law to carry an EnergyGuide label that provides important information about the product, such as the key features, the approximate annual operating cost and other relevant data. Reading an air conditioner’s EnergyGuide label carefully can ensure that you buy a model suited to your needs.

What the label tells you

  • Description: A brief description of the air conditioner is given in the top lefthand corner of the label.
  • Type: The manufacturer and the model number are given in the top righthand corner.
  • Energy efficiency: The label also indicates the appliance’s energy efficiency. An air conditioner’s energy usage is determined by its seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). All new air conditioners must have a SEER of 13 or above. A higher SEER means a more efficient use of electricity for cooling, and will lower your energy costs in the long run.
  • Comparison: The label will compare the air conditioner’s energy efficiency with that of similar models.
  • Cost: The bottom portion of an air conditioner’s EnergyGuide label estimates how much a typical user will have to pay each year to run the appliance.

So make sure you examine the air conditioner’s EnergyGuide label closely before making a purchasing decision. It will help you choose the right model to keep your San Antonio home cool and pleasant. For more information about EnergyGuide Labels and other issues concerning home comfort, contact us at Beyer Boys. We have been serving the San Antonio and south Texas since 1990.

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