Control Molds In The House With A Hygrometer

Molds are one of the problems in the houses that quite difficult to get rid of. You will often see your ducts or crawl spaces again infested with these soon after cleaning. These are a type of bacterial organisms that just needs moisture for active mold growth. Beside molds humidity can generate perfect condition for the growth other pests such as dust mites, bacteria, fungi etc. in the house. Well, if they are growing actively in your house, then you need professional cleaning agency that will terminate them by using various technical methods and biocides. How to prevent these microbes from occupying your living space? The answer is quite simple - control humidity. Molds cannot breed in dry surroundings. You can buy a hygrometer for this purpose. A hygrometer is devices that will measure the level of humidity in the house. If you find the humidity level is above the prescribed level, you can apply control measures to bring it to the limit. Although the machine cannot stop the growth of molds, it can provide you an early warning system so you can take further steps to prevent mold.

How does a hygrometer work?

Actually a hygrometer measures the capacitance or resistance of a sample of air. The capacitance of device implies its ability to store as static electric charge. It uses this to calculate the amount of humidity. The device has two metal plates with air between them. The more water the air has, the more affected will be the plate’s capacitance. The device calculates how much charge the plate is able to store. And by doing so it also derives the amount of humidity in the air. In a resistive hygrometer, there are ceramic plates. The electricity flows by a piece of ceramic material exposed to the air. The more humid the air is the more water vapor condenses inside the ceramic. The level of condensation will change the resistance of the ceramic accordingly. Therefore measuring how much current is flowing in will also give an accurate measurement of humidity.

You will need a hygrometer if:

• You had a mold problem in the past

• You can also keep one even if you never had mold/mildew breeding in your house. These are most unpredictable; you never know when they will start growing. Attempt at preventing mold growth rather than terminating them once they start growing. Terminating active mold growth is quite a challenging task. It requires professional cleaner who uses chemicals that are likely to cause health hazards.

• You live in region that has a high humidity level. This is especially true of south-eastern United States.

• You have costly wooden furniture or musical instruments in the house. Both high and low humidity are enemies of these.

• You and any of your family members suffer health problems such as respiratory disorders, immune system disorders, asthma or a mold allergy.

Hygrometers are also cost effective and easy to install. They will help you to make it easier on your wallet. You do not have to bear the expenditure of cleaning and terminating molds down the line.





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