Have You Put Tending To Your Air Conditioner On Your Spring To-Do List?

Before starting your air conditioner for the year, it’s a good idea to schedule a preventive maintenance check by a professional HVAC technician. While your HVAC expert concentrates on technical matters, you can take on some spring maintenance tasks of your own. By tending to your air conditioner early, you’ll help keep the system running like it should and functioning when you need it most.

  • Change the filter: Dirty air conditioner filters are a major source of breakdowns. It’s also true that if your filter is full of dust and particulates, it won’t be able to remove any more of these contaminants from your indoor air. Inspect your air conditioner filter monthly, changing as needed.
  • Give it some space: Make sure there is at least two feet of clearance on all sides of the air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Trim nearby tree limbs, bushes, shrubs and other vegetation.
  • Clean it up: Clean the outside and inside of your air conditioner, especially the outdoor condenser unit. Clear away any accumulations of dirt, leaves, sticks, grass and other yard debris inside the unit or in the top and side grilles. Wipe down the case with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. Remove debris, insect or rodent nests and any other material that has built up inside the casing.
  • Tend to the condenser: Give some extra attention to the system’s outdoor condenser unit. Check the evaporator fins on the sides of the unit and make sure they are straight and undamaged; straighten them as necessary using a fin comb. In addition to a good general cleaning, make sure to clean the evaporator fins and the drain pan. Add a half-cup of bleach or algae-killers to the drain pain to prevent growth of algae or other substances. Make sure the condenser is level so that refrigerant flows properly; add shims or other boosters to level out the unit.

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