Uneven Cooling? A Zoning System Can Take Care Of That

An air conditioning system with one thermostat frequently produces uneven cooling. This becomes especially apparent in areas with very warm climates such as San Antonio. Zoning systems are a method of cooling your house evenly that also saves money.


A single-thermostat system can really only maintain desired temperatures in the area with the thermostat. This often means that unoccupied rooms may be cooled unnecessarily and that occupied rooms do not receive enough cooling. Zoning systems resolve this issue by cooling different zones of the house independently. Each zone has its own thermostat, which controls the airflow to that zone.


The thermostat compares its setting to the actual temperature. The thermostat turns the central cooling unit on if necessary and opens the damper for that zone when the temperature rises above the thermostat’s setting. Similarly, the thermostat closes the damper for that zone when the temperature drops below the thermostat’s setting. This way, only the zones that need conditioned air receive it, which saves you on cooling costs.


It’s essential that you design the zones carefully to take full advantage of a zoning system. One common design creates one zone for the bedrooms and another zone for the other areas of the house. This allows the bedrooms to receive cooling at night, and the living areas to receive cooling during the day, when they are actually in use.


The minimum equipment needed to install a zoning system is at least one thermostat and motorized damper for each zone. This allows the thermostat to open and close the duct for each zone. Zoning systems work best when the cooling has a variable output. Ideally, the output should be variable over a wide range of speeds. These systems may also require additional ductwork to be installed for each zone.

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