What Can Be Results Of Unclean Ducts?

The increasing level of pollution is one of the increasing concerns of the modern world. However it has been found that the level of pollution inside the houses is much higher compared to the level outside. The reasons for this are today houses are being made stringently airtight to make them cool and warm according to the need of the season. As a result ventilation in many houses is not sufficient. Moreover, their toxins that are emitted by various chemicals stored in the house. The ducts of the houses are one of the major sources that contribute to indoor air pollution.

• Ducts clogged with dirt and debris has an impact on the overall health of your HVAC system. Its efficiency gets compromise. In summers the condensing coils are not able to cool the air that well. The same thing happens in winter. The heat exchanger coil gets inefficient in heating the air. As a result the unit runs longer and harder to deliver the desired output. This increases your utility bills also leads to faster wear and tear of the HVAC.

• Dirty ducts also lead to insufficient airflow. The HVAC may be running efficiently. But the blower fans are not able to circulate air as they are clogged in debris. The filters are bunged with a layer of matted dust and will not allow air to pass through them. As result you would not feel the comfort that you are looking for.

• The gunk that builds up in the ducts is only made of dust particles. They comprise of many other things that can have dangerous impact on your health. They contain pet dander, dry skin, feces of rats, pollens, allergens, mold spores, dust mites, and many other things. Duct gets leaky with time and allows moisture to trickle in. The moisture settles on dusty layer and allows microbes to actively grow in them. They reach your living space with the air that pass through the ducts. The dangerous allergens settle on tables, smart phones, children's toys, and other paraphernalia of the house.

• Perhaps the most notable danger of dirty air ducts is the fact that they can cause a fire hazard. The debris is highly flammable that can catch fire and lead to catastrophic consequences.

• Although there is no scientific proof that duct cleaning improves the quality of indoor air, it not a bad idea to get it cleaned once in a while. According to an expert, “I’ve never seen any data that suggests duct cleaning has a positive impact on indoor air quality and human health.” But he also added that it is only true for ducts that are airtight in the true sense of the term. Leaky ducts will pull in dirty air and allergens from basements, crawlspaces, garages, and attics and dump into your living space.




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