Which Is Better Whole-house Humidifiers Or Portable Humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers

The best part of whole house humidifier is that it can be installed it in your forced- air heating or cooling system. Once it is installed it can forgotten. It will do its job as it is designed to. It will take water from the supply and function without any interference from outside. There are generally two types of whole humidifiers. - First is sprayer-type that injects mist into the airflow inside your duct work. The second is in shape of a cylinder that rotates in water container. The air is blown through and around it.

You set moisture level for it at one time and it work to reach it. No fine-tuning is required time and again. The device will maintain this level throughout the house. As it draws water from the plumbing system, you do not have to worry about filling it as it will not run dry. It is very reasonably priced. It costs almost a fraction of what portable humidifier costs. The soundless units would incur a yearly operational cost in a few pennies.

These units need an expert install them unlike portable humidifier. If the water quality in your area is not good then you will see scales forming inside the humidifier. In that case you will have to clean it with diluted solution of vinegar after winter season is over. This is to ensure that the deposits do not harden and are easily removed. These units will not work well in leaky homes.

Portable Humidifiers:

These are standalone units that have their own water supplies. They are generally mounted on wheels and can be ported from room to room. These can humidify one or two rooms. A larger unit will serve a large space. You can also get smaller ones, the size of a micro oven, but their coverage will be limited. They can be moved a result you can use it in the bedroom at night and in the living room at day time. If you are a renter, it is a great option. Once you vacate the house you can carry it goes with you as well. In winters cold surfaces are found in most houses where condensation ours. Such surfaces will be less with portable humidifier than central one. A central unit is at the mercy of the forced-air system as it needs air to move through it. In portable units, the tool is injecting moisture into the air without the need for moving air to transport the moisture. Portable units provide spot moisture and therefore are more effective than central counterparts. It will sit close to occupants. If you shut the room’s doors or windows then these unit will be more successful in their functions. A unit humidifying a small area will certainly be more effective than o one humidifying a whole house.

A high efficiency portable humidifier will be an expensive purchase. They are also heavy units although mounted on rolling casters for portability. These units can be quite noisy. Maintaining them is big hassle. If you are humidifying a large area on a daily basis, you may have to fill up the tanks almost daily. Some units have detachable tanks. In other models you have to bring the water to the unit. The tanks should be cleaned frequently to avoid bacterial build-up.




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