Without These 2 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks, Your System Won’t Perform

When you live in San Antonio, Texas, an air conditioning system is a must. However, it’s important that homeowners perform routine air conditioner maintenance to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. There are two maintenance tasks that should be at the top of your priority list: maintaining airflow and checking refrigerant levels. Make sure your A/C unit has adequate airflow

Without adequate airflow, your A/C cannot get enough air to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Improperly-placed air returns, blocked vents, clogged filters and leaky ducts can tack extra dollars on to your monthly utility bills and on the overall maintenance costs created by an overburdened HVAC system. Questions to consider include:

  • Are you changing your filters often enough? Your A/C unit can consume up to 15 percent more energy when filters are clogged. If you use your A/C on a daily basis, you may need to change the filters as often as every month.
  • Are your air return ducts doing their job? Ideally, an A/C unit should blow 350-400 cubic feet of air per minute. Poorly sealed, obstructed or dirty ducts can impede your A/C’s ability to properly cool your home. Consider installing a central return duct system if you don’t have one. They are the most efficient option for most homes.
  • Are your air vents clean and unobstructed? Make sure that your vents are cleaned regularly, free of obstructions that can block airflow, and that they are not covered by draperies, furniture or art.

Check refrigerant levels regularly

Every air conditioning system has specifications for proper refrigerant levels. Technicians should verify these levels during routine maintenance visits. However, if your system is leaking refrigerant, or has been inadequately charged, it will affect its ability to cool the warm returned air. Even too much refrigerant can create a problem. Make sure you save the paperwork with the manufacturer’s recommendations so the refrigerant levels can be maintained to the system’s specifications. If you no longer have the paperwork, the information should be easy to find online.

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