Your New A/C: Check Out The SEER Rating, But Also Consider These 6 Features

The decision to upgrade your A/C could result in significant energy savings if you heed the SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and indicates how efficiently the unit can operate over the entire summer. Because the cooling season is so long in San Antonio, finding a unit with the highest SEER rating possible is important to cut back cooling costs.

While considering the SEER rating is certainly important, your decision shouldn’t be made on energy efficiency alone. Here are six other features you should also keep an eye out for.

  • High EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating: SEER and EER are similar, but EER indicates how well a unit will perform on the hottest days rather than the entire cooling season. With highs typically reaching the 90s for four straight months in San Antonio, the EER rating is obviously just as important as the SEER rating. Look for 11.6 EER or higher for optimum efficiency on the hottest days.
  • Variable-speed air handler: This gives the system the ability to operate on high or low speeds, which is useful when the weather is mild outside. The temperature remains more consistent, and you save money as well.
  • Quiet operation: Even though the condenser coil is located outside, it can still be disruptive if it runs loudly. Look for a model with technologies in place that allow it to operate quietly.
  • Fan-only switch: This allows for nighttime ventilation, which can drastically reduce the cost of running your new A/C.
  • Check-filter light: Instead of guessing the right time to change the filter, these indicator lights lets you know the precise time based on a certain number of operating hours.
  • Automatic-delay fan switch: The A/C’s compressor turns off, but cold air is wasted in the ductwork. With an automatic-delay switch, the fan runs for a few minutes to get the cool air out of the ducts and into the living space.

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